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We spoke with Jo Maule, E-Learning Manager at Talbot Heath School

The Head of forward-thinking Talbot Heath School clearly understood the importance of digital resources and the increasing need to implement the use of mobile devices to support education.

Before any work began, a considerable amount of research was undertaken, exploring various models and devices. From this, it was overwhelmingly clear that Apple iPad devices were the most ideal and innovative.

Why iPad?

The attractiveness of iPad devices was obvious. Not least of all the robust security measures, but the quality of the available apps with the app store was also a significant factor in the decision. The school uses a vast array of apps, the main ones being:

Apple iWork apps (Keynote, Pages, Numbers)






Book Creator






All the Google G-Suite apps including Google Classroom

The ability to manage the devices securely and effectively allowed the school’s Technology Team to have complete control, which meant that teachers could focus on education. They were also no longer restricted to ‘teaching from the front’ and talking at pupils in a classroom layout that has barely changed since Victorian times.


The Solution

Academia’s Tom Able-Green originally met with Jo Maule at an Apple event where Academia were hosting a presentation. It was during this event, and through collaborative discussion that it was clear that the goals and measurements of success that Talbot Heath were looking for were something that Academia could support. The school were looking to refresh their next set of devices and for a partner that could support the next steps of their journey.


After several meetings around strategy and vision, Academia were able to partner with the school and provide the next set of iPad devices through a lease model with CHG-Meridian. Academia’s ReviveIT team also worked with the school to remove old hardware and offer funding back to the school for other technology projects.


The school’s suite includes 600 iPad devices that focused on an initial roll out to staff, followed by a staged roll out to pupils concentrating on specific year groups before expanding that to the wider student population.


As an independent school, Talbot Heath were able to absorb the cost of the 1:1 iPad scheme within their school fees. Leasing the devices via Academia and CHG-Meridian is not only a cost-effective method, but also means that the school are able to refresh the entire iPad estate every 3 years, ensuring that pupils and staff always have the most up to date models, supporting all the required apps they regularly use.



All of the current staff received comprehensive training on using the iPad devices, the Apple Teacher programme, as well as recommendations of useful apps.


Jo says: “This is a whole school approach, where digital leaders among staff are given extra support to relay useful information among their departments and faculties. We find that by receiving training and support from non-specialist teachers, staff are more likely to think ‘if they can do it, then so can I’. We have some fantastic teachers who have really run with it and often share best practice and support their colleagues with new initiatives.”



Since implementation of 1:1 iPad from Reception onwards, a significant difference has been made to both the pupils and staff.


Jo Maule tells us: “Talbot Heath is a very traditional school, so it is wonderful to see a mix of our 130-year-old history and traditions, alongside our brand-new technology STEAM* hub. The days of teachers fighting over booking the IT Suite for lessons are thankfully a thing of the past. Students can take their iPad out and begin researching and working at any time necessary and can produce work within minutes.


“They are given the autonomy to use whichever apps they prefer, to produce a piece of work and no longer need to carry all their heavy textbooks around in their bag all day. They have all their books, computer, camera, video camera, microphone, calculator, alarm clock, sat nav, calendar, address book, ruler and notepad in one easy to carry device!


We’ve noticed a significant difference in the attitudes of the students and pupil engagement has definitely improved. They love to be given autonomy and never cease to amaze me with the work they produce. The devices completely align with our Head’s vision of preparing our students for the real world and complementing traditional academic skills and knowledge with other holistic skills to support their future lives.”


The pupils have embraced the Apple programs, Jo says “We use the Everyone Can Code1 curriculum which guides you through Swift Playground, an app that teaches coding for kids. We also use the Everyone Can Create2 guides to teach students to develop and communicate ideas through video, photography, music and drawing. The Apps we use here include:


Tayasui Sketches





On working with Academia, Jo says: “Academia’s staff are always friendly and helpful, and you know that they’re only a phone call or email away, should we need their support or guidance. We receive a prompt response and they often make us aware of new developments and opportunities that we should be aware of. They have also helped support us as an Apple Regional Training Centre, which has been hugely beneficial, and their experience and knowledge often leads us to liaise with suppliers and other companies we could mutually benefit from working with.”


As a forward-thinking school, with a visionary Head, Talbot Heath are fairly unique in their approach to education. Being independent, they are fortunate enough to be able to focus on topics and skills that they believe are important. Academia fully support both their aims and vision and complement the school well as a technology and training provider.


“They touch base with us frequently, which is very much appreciated, so we never feel we’re on this unique journey alone. They have a plethora of relevant knowledge and experience and help us achieve what we want, by providing us with the information, equipment and associated companies to help see our goals through to fruition,” Jo tells us.

The future

Since starting work with Talbot Heath School our relationship has flourished, and we have been pleased to have Jo and the school present at some hosted events. We have been able to showcase the school’s success but also the importance of the work we do with our customers about supporting their projects and enabling them to reach their measurements of success.


Academia’s Tom Able-Green says: “Jo has been phenomenal in her approach to the digital journey and as part of our next steps with Talbot Heath, we have been able to plan their next phase around changing their MDM to an alternative provider which in turn will provide an even better experience for their staff and students and also enhance their technology journey.


The school also approached us to support their new STEAM* hub and we are supporting through guidance and long-term strategic planning.


“We also continue to support Talbot Heath in their journey as an RTC, and also how they could become a recognised Apple Distinguished School as well as supporting the school and Jo with continued Apple Professional Learning. Working with the school and being their trusted technology partner is a privilege for Academia and we look forward to supporting their continued success.”

“We’ve noticed a significant difference in the attitudes of the students and pupil engagement has definitely improved. They love to be given autonomy and never cease to amaze me with the work they produce. The devices completely align with our Head’s vision of preparing our students for the real world and complementing traditional academic skills and knowledge with other holistic skills to support their future lives.”


Jo Maule, E-Learning Manager at Talbot Heath School

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About Talbot Heath School

Talbot Heath School is an independent girls’ school located in Bournemouth, catering for pupils aged 3-18. The school is renowned both locally and further afield for not only their academic excellence, but their notable achievements in sports, music and arts.


1 – Everyone Can Code curriculum – https://www.apple.com/uk/education/k12/teaching-code/


2 – Everyone Can Create – https://www.apple.com/uk/education/everyone-can-create/

* STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths

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