RM6103 Education Technology Framework

Academia have successfully been awarded a place on the Crown Commercial Service RM6103 Education Technology Framework for Lots 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Education Technology (RM6103) Framework

Education Technology (RM6103) is a framework designed to provide IT products and services across all educational establishments (including schools, academies, multi academy trusts, colleges, universities, and the wider public sector). Designed in collaboration with the Department for Education, The Education Technology agreement offers educational establishments a quick and flexible route to meet their ICT requirements.


Recognised as an industry leading, Education Technology supplier. Academia have been awarded a place on the following lots:

Lot 2 – Broadband Fibre Infrastructure

Lot 3 – Broadband Services

Lot 4  – Hardware

Lot 5 – Audio Visual

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Lot 2 & Lot 3 – Broadband Fibre Infrastructure & Broadband Services

Lot 2 - includes the design and installation and ongoing use of Fibre Infrastructure, ‘Last Mile’ installations, associated civil works and service costs.


Lot 3 – covers site-to-site cloud connectivity, LAN connectivity, network security and support, IP connectivity, routing, internet filtering, firewall and anti-virus provision, e-safety solutions and storage.

Connectivity Solutions


Academia offer connectivity solutions that are super-fast, super-secure, reliable and cloud-ready. All of our packages are a single price for the line, but you get all you need to make it work at no additional charge. We offer the follow for FREE:

Juniper Firewall



Multi-site connectivity


Building a connectivity solution


When we’re talking to you about what the best type of connection is for you, we’ll ask about your organisation’s needs; how you deliver Teaching and Learning, what your technology plans are for the next few years and how you plan to achieve it all.


For example, a 1:1 scheme utilising a whole bunch of Cloud-based apps will require higher speed internet than before… so it’s super important that your internet line can deal with it.

Lot 4 – Hardware

Lot 4 - Customers can procure end user devices (desktops/laptops/tablets), printers, infrastructure hardware (including but not limited to servers, routers, switches) and close-to-the-box services through Lot 4.


Creating Learning Environments – Academia are one of the leading Apple Solution Experts for Education in the UK. We have a five step approach that supports the key elements that educational establishments should consider when implementing Apple technology. Arranging a free Planning Essentials workshop is our recommended first step. This workshop is aimed at leadership teams to help them understand the essential elements for creating a technology-rich learning environment, create an individual project plan for their context and discover an integrated approach for managing the deployment through each stage of implementation.

But, it isn’t just Apple that we offer. Academia hold accreditations with all the major hardware vendors and we provide the best hardware solutions to help build awesome learning environments.


Some of the hardware vendors we partner with include: 


Accessory Products:

Our close-to-the-box services include the following (Click + to find out more) :

Device Management and deployment

  • Supply
  • Configure
  • Deploy
  • Secure
  • Manage

Educational establishments are being tasked to deploy, configure and secure an influx of devices.


When it comes to managing Apple devices, we partner with Jamf and we are one of the leading Jamf integrators in the country. Jamf Pro is built exclusively for Apple and provides immediate support for new macOS releases.


By working with Jamf, we have created a number of options in how we can help you, these include:


As one of the leading Jamf integrators in the country (and using our own trained and accredited in-house engineers), we can official provide you with the mandatory JumpStart service as part of your new Jamf purchase.

Installation Assistance

While a JumpStart is great, sometimes you need a bit more of a helping hand to set everything up and get you going. We do this! Either remotely, attended on-site or combination of the two – your choice!

Private Cloud Hosting

Pretty much does what it says on the tin – if you’d rather have your Jamf instance in our secure, self-operated Private Cloud (all hosted in UK Datacenters) than in the Public Cloud, look no further!

Health Check

Already have Jamf, but the install is a bit long in the tooth and needs a tune-up? Our engineers will go through a methodical health check to let you know where your install stands, and what to do to get the most out of it.

Ongoing Support

So you have Jamf, and you’ve been JumpStarted… now what? Our Jamf Support contracts are tailored to your needs to make sure we’re always at hand when you need help.

Fully Managed Service

If you’ve identified the need for Mobile Device Management but don’t want or have the resource to maintain or support it ongoing, we’ll do absolutely everything for you.

For details regarding Compliance, Security, Productivity, Student and Staff Experience, and our different levels of support, visit our Devise Management Services Page. Alternatively contact our sales team via info@academia.co.uk

Imaging and Asset Tagging

The Apple Device Enrolment Program (DEP) has replaced “imaging” of Apple devices. DEP provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy devices to students and staff.

Our DEP process is as follows:

The educational establishment must create an Apple School Manager account

Academia will join the Apple School Manager /DEP account to the Jamf profile

At the point of shipping the devices, our distribution partner will add the devices from the consignment to the DEP ID

Upon arrival on site, Academia staff will assist the staff to asset tag the device and hand devices out to students

Once the devices are delivered to students and are turned on, they will automatically turn on with the correct configuration, application sets and features as configured in Jamf for a true “out of box experience”.

Planning Essentials workshop

Through participating in a Planning Essentials workshop, leadership teams can understand the essential elements for creating a technology-rich learning environment, create an individual project plan for their context and discover an integrated approach for managing the deployment through each stage of implementation.

By the end of this workshop, your teams will have the foundations of an effective plan grounded in their vision for transformational learning.


Academia can support you and your staff with their strategic vision and planning, CPD, mentoring and supporting teachers with creative curriculum mapping. We are here to support you as you integrate technology products into your curriculum.

Infrastructure hardware

We offer a large range of IT services, these include:

Server Configuration:

  • Supply
  • Configure
  • Deploy
  • Secure
  • Manage

Device options – Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Thin Client, Workstation etc. :

  • Hardware installation
  • Software installation
  • OS installation
  • BIOS Upgrades
  • Imaging
  • Reworking of units – i.e. screen protectors etc.
  • Asset tagging
  • Etching

Other Services

  • Disposal of redundant equipment – data erasure, media shredding.
  • Deployment and roll out of equipment
  • Specialist freight options
  • Outsourcing warehouse
  • Bill and Hold.

Secure IT asset disposal and trade in options

Did you know that a 3 year old device could still be worth up to 40% of its original purchase price?

When IT assets reach the end of their working life for your establishment, it doesn’t have to mean disposal. Our ReviveIT process offers educational establishments a high security service to data wipe, refurbish and remarket used IT assets, returning residual value to our clients.

Lot 5 – Audio Visual

Lot 5 offers a range of Audio Visual products and services including but not limited to interactive whiteboards, digital signage, media streaming services, audio equipment, associated peripherals and close-to the box services.

We have partnerships and recommend the following:

Surface Hub 2S


We are a Microsoft Surface Hub authorised reseller in the UK. Surface Hub 2S is built for team collaboration in the modern workplace. The product is thin and lightweight, and enables mobile, cordless, uninterrupted teamwork.


It is a fully integrated Windows 10 device and natively runs your must-have Microsoft apps, including Microsoft Edge and Office, along with other essential apps. Incredibly high resolution and amazing graphics performance deliver vibrant, crisp, and clear images and video on the light and thin 50” display.



Digital signage made for education.

TrilbyTV is built by people who understand and work in education. It is a simple to add and manage content, so even the busiest educational establishment can have up to date screens.

Portsmouth College & TrilbyTV Case Study

Interactive Whiteboards



Promethean have a 20+ year tradition of developing purpose-built products that are designed by teachers, for teachers. Thoughtfully crafted from the ground up, their displays are based on extensive user research to deliver innovation and ease-of-use that matters to teachers and students, as well as the security and manageability trusted by IT professionals and administrators.

Care Services


We offer the following support services for Interactive whiteboards:


Install and Design

On-site support

Hardware repairs and replacements

Extended warranty options



An easy-to-use, online video platform. With Panopto, you’ve got a single tool for video management, recording, live streaming, inside-video search, quizzing, analytics, mobile and more.

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