The Ripple Effect – More exciting than a chocolate bar

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The Ripple Effect – More exciting than a chocolate bar

What can be negative about winning a prize? Especially if you work in the education sector, understand the important of technology in schools and simply love a chance to win big?

The Ripple Effect from HP

Not to be confused with a well-known chocolate bar, a fanzine Harry Potter story or anything to do with brown sauce, the tech giants at HP have devised a new way of initiating a series of technology growth events that can support the development of an education establishment

What is it?

With technology playing an ever more important role in STEM & creative learning, the Ripple Effect  is centred around the idea of how a single Intel® powered HP purchasing decision could trigger a much larger effect on student’s futures – this is based on the butterfly effect from the chaos theory.  It’s an emotive approach that challenges people to think about technology different.

You said there is a prize?

This summer, you can WIN an HP STEM & Creative Learning Studio for your school when you select HP for Education. That is right, by simply choosing HP for Education you are entered into a FREE prize draw that can change the immediate future of your School.  The Studio includes:  1x HP Sprout Pro G2, 1x Dremel 3D40 for Education, 10X Probook x360 EE, 2x HP classroom Manager Licences, 1x HP 20 Managed Charging Cart v2.