Budget Constraints and Technology Refresh

With budgets across the sector under pressure, many organisations consider the delay in a technology refresh program to be a cost saving, looking for an extra year out of older technology, but is this the case? There are many hidden costs that need to be considered with this approach:

Increased IT Support Burden.

Out of Warranty Repair costs.

Reduced Productivity and Increased User Dissatisfaction.

Reduced residual value at end of life means more capital needs to be found for the eventual refresh.

Our Lifecycle management approach offers organisations the opportunity to refresh their assets at the optimum point for financial and productivity benefits, reducing ongoing support costs and providing an affordable technology refresh program.


  1. We provide financial value for current assets.

  2. You purchase new technology using released value, topped up with new capital.

  3. We provide extended warranty with your new purchase

  4. We offer deployment services for new devices – Optional – Find out more.

  5. We provide regular market value figures for your devices advising on optimal refresh.

  6. You refresh asset or take up option to extend warranty for further year(s).


  • Utilise the latest technology benefits, more regularly
  • Run the latest software applications
  • Less capital required to refresh technologyImproved user satisfaction and user attraction
  • Reduced internal support burden
  • No costly repairs or additional support budget required
  • Single supplier for the purchase, ongoing support and end of life management for your estate.

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