Promoting the re-use of IT assets using a secure and sustainable process.

When IT assets reach the end of their working life for your organisation, it doesn’t have to mean disposal. Our ReviveIT process offers organisations a high security service to data wipe, refurbish and remarket used IT assets, returning residual value to our clients.


As the IT asset disposition (ITAD) division within a successful reseller, we are in a unique position to provide a complete IT lifecycle management solution for our customers, supporting a device from its procurement through to the end of its useful life. Our lifecycle management approach to your IT estate allows you to maximise your budget, by utilising the residual value of your current estate to reduce the cost of your new purchases.


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IT Lifecycle Management Services

Our Lifecycle Management service is designed to maximise the productivity and financial value of your IT assets, offering a regular and affordable technology refresh process which brings with it a range of cost savings for your organisation

“University for the Creative Arts (UCA) started to utilise Academia’s ReviveIT service approximately 2 years ago as part of our replacement desktop programme, which typically takes place each summer. One of the main benefits for UCA was Academia’s ability to deliver our new computers to desk, whilst at the same time taking away the packaging and old/retired computers. This value added service has been crucial at a time when internal resources are stretched.


Other benefits of the service include a full inventory of our assets, certificates for data erasure/destruction and better residual valuations than some alternative WEEE disposal companies. To conclude, we are very happy with Academia’s ReviveIT service and would recommend them to others.”


 James Tempest

University for the Creative Arts

High Security Data Erasure

Protecting your organisation’s data from a breach is a key consideration for any asset disposal.


As a business accredited to ISO 270001:2013, our robust Information Security Management System provides complete duty of care from the collection of your used assets through to data destruction and certification. All devices are processed utilising CESG approved data erasure software or where this fails, physical hard drive destruction. We ensure all data bearing assets are made safe and provide you with a full audit trail for every asset.

Refurbish and remarket to return value

Once devices are data free, our qualified team will deep clean and refurbish working devices, preparing them for resale.


Using our international partner network, we achieve best value for a wide range of IT assets and after costs we return the residual value to our customers.Those items that are too old or in poor condition are treated as WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and collected by our AATF partner for full recycling, allowing us to maintain a zero landfill policy.

Our Process

1 - Count up assets and contact Academia

2 - Trade in price offered by Academia

3 - Collect assets and transfer ownership

4 - Data wipe devices and provide audit certificates

5 - Financial return from Academia

Our Services in Summary 

High Security Data Erasure

Refurbishment and Remarketing 

End of lease, Title Management & Financial Return 

Onsite Data Erasure

Removal from Desk

Redeployment of New IT

WEEE Disposal

Policy Consultancy

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens to my redundant IT equipment?

    We operate a zero landfill policy with around 85% of all collected items refurbished and remarketed. Those items that cannot be refurbished are broken down into component parts and recycled by AAFT partners.

  • What documentation will I receive?

    Upon collection of any goods you will receive a detailed inventory of all equipment collected including asset transfer documentation. Once all goods have been processed a detailed audit report and data destruction certificates will be issued providing a complete audit trail.

  • What Financial Return can I expect?

    This is dependent on many factors including the specification of the device and its working and physical condition. Typically Apple devices return the highest value with up to 35% of the original purchase price returned to customers.

  • How long does the process take?

    From the collection of goods to receipt of your audit report documentation and financial return the process takes between 2-4 weeks. 

Did you know?

Trade in your old devices to reduce the cost of new Apple devices by up to 30%. Utilising Academia's Revive IT Service you are able to unlock the residual value of your old Apple devices to reduce the cost of their replacement. For any working device manufactured from 2008 onwards we can offer a credit toward the purchase of new Apple devices.

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