Microsoft Surface Studio for Education

Rugby School recently adopted Microsoft Surface Studios to provide students with the most complete toolset available and were astonished by the impact this had on both performance and motivation. 

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Mobile and durable, Surface allows students to work anytime and anywhere.


Windows provides a controlled and protected environment which keeps data safe.


A touch tablet and fully productive laptop, Surface allows educators to create innovative educational experiences.

Office 365 is free for UK education establishments

Microsoft Office 365 is an easy-to-use set of web-enabled tools or cloud productivity suite, and it is now free to establishments in UK education. With the ability to access familiar Microsoft email and documents such as Word and Excel, anytime and anywhere, Office 365 is designed to foster greater collaboration and communication between educators and students.

Why choose Office 365?


With SharePoint and cloud storage you can increase collaboration through shared resources across your institution


Use email and calendar/timetable sharing to increase communication and visibility across your establishment.


Take learning out of the classroom through recording lessons online that can be viewed anytime and anywhere

Cost Savings

Save money and free up time for your IT staff by using Microsoft to manage routine updates

Data Security

Student’s personal information is safe thanks to a rich set of privacy and security capabilities which comply with Data Protection law

Digital Learning

Help students to develop the technology skills that will be needed for the future world of work

Our migration service

Migrating to Office 365 can seem daunting but Academia can help to make the transition stress-free. We can support you to get the best use out of your Office 365 subscription from getting started to best practice use.


The migration service initially audits your state of readiness to prepare you for a full migration; this pre-emptively allows us to assess and advise you on the correct solution and the necessary course of action to move to Office 365.

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