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Thursday 23rd May 2019 | 8 am or 4 pm

Join us on Thursday 23rd May for one of our two webinars where we’ll be addressing just how Adobe can enhance student engagement and future skills development.

The use of Adobe in the commercial world is well established, so breeding familiarity into students as they go through their education journey is essential.


We’re lucky to have our friends from Edge Gain co-hosting this webinar, including a live Spark demo, so you’ll leave with a great understanding on how Spark can be integrated into the curriculum.


Once the webinars are finished, we will be happy to provide support in getting your FREE Adobe account set up, which will give your staff and students access to Spark.


And for a detailed understanding of the part tools like Adobe can play in future skills development, our very own Tom Able-Green will be taking some time to elaborate on this and how Adobe can enhance student engagement.


We’ll be setting up a session before school (8am) and one for after (4pm) to allow you to participate in one that suits your day as best as possible. Each webinar will last roughly 30 minutes.

Register today and see how Adobe can help to engage your students.




David Grant, Academia

Student engagement / future skills development

Tom Able-Green, Academia

How can Adobe engage students

Greg Hodgson, Edge Gain

Adobe Spark demo

Greg Hodgson, Edge Gain



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