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 Wednesday 13th November 2019 | 8 am or 4 pm

Join us on Wednesday 13th November for one of our two webinars where we’ll be addressing just how Adobe can enhance student engagement, prepare them for STEM learning and ultimately support the development of additional key skills to help their future careers.

The use of Adobe in the commercial world is well established, so breeding familiarity into students as they go through their education journey is essential. Adobe Spark is a FREE application and a terrific place to start.


We’re delighted to have our friends from Edge Gain co-hosting this webinar, including a live Spark demo, which we expect will help to demonstrate just how this can ‘spark’ your teaching and learning experience with Adobe.


Each webinar will last roughly 30 minutes and will be well worth attending.

So, Register today for either the 8am or 4pm session.




David Grant, Academia

Student engagement / Learning through creativity

Tom Able-Green, Academia

How can Adobe engage students

Greg Hodgson, Edge Gain

Adobe Spark demo

Greg Hodgson, Edge Gain



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