Academia’s iPad and Mac
Subscription Model for Education


Our connectED programme has been designed to assist education establishments in development of a comprehensive strategy, to aid changes in education through the use of mobile devices.

1:1 Learning Programme


A 1:1 learning programme provides education establishments with an innovative solution to students’ educational needs. This allows for anytime, anywhere learning, with students engaging in digital content. Educators turn to 1:1 in response for the need for deeper engagement and collaboration, faced with challenges in funding and managing their programme. Our connectED programme can help, as we work closely with our customers on planning the nine core elements that will deliver a successful deployment.

Two Ways Finance Programme


With reduced budgets in education, connectED provides risk free payment options with no underlying lease of financial commitment for the education establishment.

There are two ways our programme can be


  • Outright Purchase – Payment can be made by credit, debit or PayPal. This is a fully automated online system and payments are made direct with Academia. Payment
  • Plan – Students or parents can choose a tailored plan that suits their individual needs. Please note all plans will be interest bearing and a credit check will be required.

A Typical iPad Bundle Includes:

► iPad
► Protective case
► Warranty
► Insurance

iPad mini 4 128GB – £17.40
iPad 32GB – £14.70
iPad Pro (10.5-inch) 64GB – £23.00
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) 64GB – £27.70

10% Deposit, over 36 months, per month, inc VAT. Bundle consists of iPad, Case, Warranty
and Insurance. iPad devices are Wi-Fi only. Alternative 
financing options are available.

Warranty & Insurance


FCA approved, insurance and warranty are provided to mitigate any risk. ConnectED’s accidental damage and theft insurance comes with:


► No excess
► Worldwide cover
► No limits on claims
► Repair or replace policy


We manage all insurance and warranty claims online.

More than just the device…


Our specialists in key areas pull together a wealth of experience and knowledge of education solutions to support you throughout your journey. These include:


► Project Management & Consultancy
► Marketing Support to promote & create student/parent engagement
► Asset Management
► Wireless Design & Evaluation
► Mobile Device Management
► Installation and Deployment
► Professional development
► Training across all spectrums

Academia’s 9 Steps For a Successful Deployment


Define a clear vision for the programme that compliments your academic vision

Financing and Funding

How will the scheme be financed? Use of products that will facilitate this for both parents and school

Content and Instructions

Create content and improve teaching through SAMR model

SLT/Programme Team

Appoint a planning team to enable the successful implementation of the programme

IT consideration

IT involvement from the beginning is crucial; define ownership for elements of the programme

Professional Development

Ongoing training is vital, no programme has been successful without this!

Deployment Planning

Early planning of the “go-live” with all considerations outlined from the beginning

Engaging wider community

Communicate with parents, students and teachers at all stages

Measuring Success

To understand what works and what doesn’t; feedback successes to the community

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