Broadband for Education

Fast, Reliable and Fully supported broadband connections for Education that are changing the way that students and staff embrace technology. Welcome to the ISP from Academia

Fully supported ISP connections for education

Working in education for over 16 years, Academia recognise that ISP is now a vital part of the curriculum and essential to modern day learning.  With the reliance on cloud-based learning, online resources and many more student mobile devices, your internet connection is more critical than ever.

As a Tier 2 ISP provider, we offer reliable, high performance and fully supported ISP connections to education. We deliver packages which are robust, with added security to keep you and your students safe, as well as providing full monitoring and reporting so you know how everything is working.

In addition, we support broadband for multiple sites/buildings. This means that your entire estate – regardless of how many addresses or buildings this includes – can appear together on one network, making it much easier to share resources across different sites.

The most comprehensive service for Education

What can we do?

Speeds of up to 10Gb/s

Free and Unlimited  Support

Unlimited download/upload amount per month

Service Level Guarantee  

Why us?

Reliability – No more starting lessons late with our reliable connections

Speed – Stream content, download apps and empower the classroom, fast

Flexibility – Different packages to suit your needs and budget

Safety – Optional Web Filtering to increase e-safety and safeguard students

What ISP Broadband Connection does my School need?

Academia have simplified the choice for you. Let us take the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard… to explain your ISP options:


The “solid as a rock” education package

Speeds up to 80Mbps

Unlimited and reliable ISP connection, a great value broadband package exclusively for medium to low use internet connection for schools


“Wrapping up” your Education needs package

Speeds up to 100Mbps

Universal and reliable ISP connection, with Cloud Web Filtering and optional, managed Office365 support, perfect for active schools on the move


The “cutting through the tape” education package

Speeds up to 330Mbps

Unlimited and highest-grade Leased Line connection, with Cloud Web Filtering, managed Office365 support and Antivirus/Anti-Malware software that is perfect for large schools.


The “Godzilla” education package

Speeds up to 10Gpbs

The fastest, most secure and reliable package to take advantage of the Academia Private Cloud service with full support, training and provisioning process and detail for large schools wanting the best internet quality and service.

So, what does your school need? Rock, Paper, Scissors or Lizard?


Time to find out…

What is the cost?

The Academia Team believe in solution before cost. This means they take into effect several factors before deciding on what ISP package is right for your school. Let the team do the hard work and quote you the best package today.