Reducing teacher workload with iPad

“Teachers are able to use digital tools in iPad to personalise learning and give more immediate (multimedia) feedback to students. This reduces the workload of marking and allowing more time for planning for the next steps in learning”


– Simon Pile, Anson Primary

iPad for Education

Teachers can save time marking, streamline planning and give students deeper, more meaningful feedback with digital tools on iPad.

We provide everything that a school would need to achieve this in a class, including coaching from an Apple Professional Learning Specialist to help transform the classroom into a more engaging, 2020, skills-ready and future-proof, environment.

And it’s more affordable than you think

In the 2016 Department for Education Teacher Workload Survey, teachers reported working at least 15 hours each week at home. By creating and sharing digital resources on iPad, schools are saving hours of teacher preparation time each week and enabling more flexible working.

Our whole class solution can be purchased outright from £8,411 ex VAT. Pay even less if you have older iPads to trade-in.

Many schools are taking advantage of Subscription – paying the equivalent of just £7.76 per student per month. Subscription also allows your iPads to be replaced every 3 years, meaning you’re always up-to-date and able to take advantage of new features.

Academia even provide a Parent Portal allowing your parent/carer community to contribute towards the cost of your classroom solution.

iPad for Education: All inclusive bundle

For the teacher

1 x Teacher iPad

1 x Keyboard Case

1 x Apple Pencil

Apple Classroom App

Showbie App

For 30 students

30 x Student iPad

30 x Rugged cases

Classroom Storage Solution

8 x Logitech Crayons

Apple Classroom App

Showbie App

Classroom Essentials

Apple TV

Mobile Device Management

Initial Teacher Support

Technical Audit

Tech Consultancy

Start Up

Bundle payment options

From £7.76 per month per device

(subscription allows your iPads to be replaced every 3 years)

£2,928 per year

Outright purchase £8,411 ex VAT

(less if you have older iPads to trade-in)

You can also elevate your core bundle to the next level by adding:

3 Year Next Day Warranty
From an additional 0.53p/m per device
3 Year Teaching Support

From an additional £1.00 p/m per device

Lifecycle Management Trade in Program

Contact us for a trade in quote


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