We’re proud to be in partnership with Acer, meaning you can explore with us now Acer’s extensive line of products.

Acer hardware solutions feature tablets, 2-in-1 devices, notebooks, Chromebooks, desktops, monitors and projectors, all designed to support dynamic and interactive learning environments.


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Schools can claim stem-related rewards up to the value of £1000 with every classroom set of Acer devices purchased.

Half-day Remote or On-site Teacher Training Workshop 

Up to 4 hours training delivered remotely or face-to-face to support teachers to embed the use of technology in lessons.

12 months access to Online Training Platform for Teachers

Access to over 40 video-led training courses designed to upskill teachers in using technology to enhance lessons or facilitate remote learning.

Half-day, on-site STEM workshop for Teachers and Students  

Half-day workshop for students followed by a teacher training session demonstrating how to use Acer devices to deliver STEM education.

Strategic Consultancy

Consultancy to develop or review a digital strategy based around cloud technologies and mobile devices.

Tablet Academy STEM Shop Credit for Teachers  
£350 credit to use in the Tablet Academy STEM Shop where you can purchase a range of STEM solutions.

Support and Training for IT Professionals

Support for IT staff looking to deploy and manage solutions including Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Intune & Autopilot.

How to claim STEM awards


Claim a STEM Reward when you purchase 25 Acer Windows 10 devices or 2 rewards if it is more than 100 devices.

Please note that by submitting a request form you are giving permission for Tablet Academy to share your details with device resellers to process our request.


Maximum 2 rewards per school within a 12 month period.

Acer Education Rewards


For every qualifying device that you purchase, you can earn up to


When using the Acer Upgrade Programme, if you choose to recycle your devices through the Tablet Academy Recycling Programme, you could claim extra STEM Rewards. They collect, wipe, and recycle your old school devices free of charge and to full EU GDPR compliance.


Why Recycle with Tablet Academy?

Acer Accelerate

Bridge the divide with affordable 1:1 devices


There’s never been a more vital time for schools and MATs to support inclusive learning for each and every student. Heading into the ‘next normal’, we have to be prepared to adapt at pace and make sure no student is left behind.



Acer is offering you the latest low-cost education devices with flexible monthly payment options suited to every institution’s budget and requirements – helping you to enable and enhance digital learning for each and every student.


3 Ways to Pay

LeasingLeasing + Accidental Damage Protection

Parental Contribution


Get the tech you need without the upfront investment with a cost-effective device leasing programme, helping you to rapidly roll out in a matter of days to students in need.



Rapid deployment of device with additional peace of mind. A flexible and affordable leasing programme backed with accidental damage protection to ensure as little lost learning time as possible in the event of damage or theft.



A fully managed parental contribution programme delivered by Acer. They take on the admin burde – everything from parent comms to managing payments.


Let creators be creators

ConceptD is a premium brand dedicated to creators. Offering a wide range of products for everyone from high-performance notebooks, superior colour accuracy monitors and advanced powerful desktops with design at the forefront.


Built for





-Colour accuracy

-Screen resolution

-High refresh rates




-Powerful CPU & GPU

-High storage and memory space



-Efficient thermal solution

-Enhanced air flow

-Silent operation


-Timeless design

-Clean and elegant

-Practical and ergonomic

End users value


3 months complimentary Adobe Creative cloud membership

And ConceptD Notebook

Product/SectorEducation (Schools)

Higher Education

MOQ (Units)

ConceptD 3

ConceptD 5

ConceptD 7









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