We have the following care packages to help support DfE partner schools.

– Care Package 1 –

Discounted IT Support


Working with Academia to deliver your IT support can help you achieve significant cost savings whilst also improving IT delivery within your school.


Our flexible options can either provide a fully managed service or offer an extra set of hands to support your own existing IT resource. We will work with you to understand your needs; building a flexible support package that is designed specifically for your school.


Sign up for a 3 year support contract and receive the first 3 months free of charge. In addition we will deliver a ‘Using Tech in Education’ workshop, plus an additional 2 days of CPD training with staff.


– Care Package 2 –

A Helping Hand


Please let us know if you are interested in the add ons to the Digital Education Platform.  Schools that purchase our additional services (denoted by +) will receive a 20% discount on our already discounted education price.


– Care Package 3 –

Accelerate your Teaching and Learning


Future-proof your School’s connectivity with one of our super-fast, super-secure and Cloud-ready internet packages. Excellent price, excellent service and additional value added services in an easy to understand package.


Schools that purchase our best-selling A2 package will receive a 10% discount on a 12 month contract or 3 months free, when a 36 month contract is purchased.


See our most popular Internet Service Plan (A2).


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