5 reasons why furniture in schools needs to adapt with the times

What price of hearing a tale from a wise head about the merits of a chalk board? Perhaps there are those who still favour the desk/locker combination with etched in messages from pupils gone by? There are even those who insist that a school would still benefit having children sit on wooden chairs with wonky legs to improve ‘character’ in later life….

Furniture in the classroom is changing – estimates suggest that schools, FE and HE are spending more each year in making sure that learning spaces work as hard as their staff and pupils.  Along with our partners at Zioxi, we at Academia believe that classrooms should be places where students want to learn and that teaching environments should inspire and motivate.

Here are our 5 reasons for upgrading your school furniture today:

  1. Mobile Device Charging & Synching – with over 70% of students using mobile devices and working with tablets in Education, offering storage solutions with charging capabilities is essential – running out of battery? Not an option. Making sure mobile devices are updated with latest software, downloads and apps is part of the learning process
  2. Storage – A place for everything and everything in its place. Safe and secure is now key for accessibility and better work flow in the classroom and staff room
  3. Tables – Big ones. Small ones, lots on wheels, ones that tilt, some that flip, others withy interactive environments you can use anywhere – providing the best support facility for all students is essential for personal development
  4. Seating – Whether it is height-adjustable, mobile, stackable, wooden or upholstered, a comfortable perch for two or a stool that’s perfect for science, there is a seat for everyone. Posture and sitting correctly is a long term education in the merits of a good back
  5. Space Dividers – Space can be limited in a busy classroom or office, with areas having to be used for a number of different purposes. Using fun, colourful space dividers and acoustic pods give you privacy within a space when you need it

Zioxi designs and manufactures innovative products to support and inspire learning. Zioxi solves problems through design, producing inspiring products that are integrated into practical and stunning learning spaces

To learn more on how Zioxi can work for you and your Education facility, please speak with your Academia representative today on or call 01992 703 900 and speak to a member of the Schools team.