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Elevate the student experience with Ruckus Wi-Fi

The demand on campuses for Gigabit Wi-Fi is being fueled by the need for wireless bandwidth in and out of the classroom, and the influx of increasingly powerful Wi-Fi devices to access online class material, enable student collaboration, research for student projects, and many other online activities on campus.

To remain competitive, educational institutions must provide students with a high-performance, uninterruptible, mobile network that fits their on-the-go lifestyle. To meet this need, we offer Ruckus Wireless solutions that address these requirements, including:

Easy Onboarding


Flexible Deployment Options

Optimized Location-based Services

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Does Your School Have 21st Century Technology?

Students view campus Wi-Fi as a utility, not only in the classroom, but especially in the residence hall—as basic as electricity or running water. Accessing high-bandwidth video, gaming, class materials, and social applications is a large part of engaging in campus life. By asking students to spend years at your institution, you need to be prepared to give them the same kind of social, mobile and connected experiences on campus that they have at home.

To do this, you need to onboard and manage thousands of diverse devices without creating headaches for users and the help desk, deliver consistent performance across every dorm room with access points built for education, and accommodate guests using University Wi-Fi, without compromising security.

How does Wi-Fi from Ruckus Wireless help you save money?

For one thing, their technology is so strong that your solution will likely require less access points (APs) than if you were using APs from one of their competitors.

But don’t take our word for it. Watch this educational video with interviews from actual Ruckus Wireless customers.

Ruckus have identified 10 common myths about college and university campus Wi-Fi deployments. Avoid buying into them, and there’s a much better chance that your campus Wi-Fi will work as promised, and your students will choose to come and stay.

Three Stories of Success. Are you next?

These guys have done it all. Let their experience guide you.

Nothing beats the voice of experience. Watch these case study videos to mine the wisdom of lessons learned by those directly involved in delivering a 21st century education with the support of a superior Wi-Fi solution.

The University of Leicester

Serves 25,000 students and 4,500 dorm rooms. See how they tackled their residential connectivity problem.

Lamar University

Provides Wi-Fi coverage to nearly 15,000 users across 64 buildings and green spaces within a 270-acre campus. Learn how the fastest growing university in Texas got bigger with the most expansive Wi-Fi.

The Law Society of Ireland

The Law Society of Ireland is the representative, regulatory and educational body of the solicitor’s profession in Ireland. Watch how they made the case for a managed approach to BYOD and simple, secure and reliable Wi-Fi to support tablet-toting students.

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