Broadband for Education

More and more technology in the classroom relies on an Internet connection so making sure your connection is reliable and fast enough is vital.

Fully supported broadband connections to education

Working ineducation for over 12 years, Academiarecognise that ICT isnow a vitalpart of the curriculum and essential to modern day learning. With the reliance on cloudbased learning, online resources andmanymore student mobile devices,yourinternet connection is more critical than ever. 

We offer reliable, high performance and fully supported broadband connections to education. We  deliver packages which are robust, with added security to keep you and your students safe, as well as providing full monitoring and reporting so you know how everything is working.

In addition, we support broadband for multiple sites/buildings. This means that your entire estate – regardless of how many addresses or buildings this includes – can appear together on one network, making it much easier to share resources across different sites.  

Most comprehensive service

What can we do?

Speeds of up to 10Gb/s

Free and Unlimited  Support

Unlimited download/upload amount per month

Service Level Guarantee  

Why us?

Reliability – No more starting lessons late with our reliable connections

Speed – Stream content, download apps and empower the classroom, fast

Flexibility – Different packages to suit your needs and budget

Safety – Optional Web Filtering to increase e-safety and safeguard students

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Making the move to Academia is easy.

It doesn’t matter what type of school, college or university you are or even where you get your current Broadband from, Academia can take you through the process step by step. Our team will provide a quotation and when you’re ready to move we’ll do the rest.